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Smokin' Seventeen

by Janet Evanovich

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Jenet Evanovich the best-selling novelist of all time brought us Smokin’ seventeen, that reveals dead bodies that are showing up in a grave on an empty construction lot of Vincent plum bail bonds. No one knows who the real murder is, or why the victims have offed but in this mystery what is clear is that someone’s name is on the killers list and that person is Stephanie. And through it all her parents and friends want her to choose between her two boyfriends, who will she choose the Trenton cop or the bad boy in her life, security expect ranger. Her grandmother tries to persuade her to go start a new life at another state. Her being on the killers list, and the killer looking for her, with two handful gentlemen that want her, looks like... Read more

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ISBN: 0345527704
7 of 10 Votes: 16

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....” I looked around. “Is that Uncle Black behind the counter?” “Affirmative.” Uncle Black was white. Really white. As if he hadn’t been out from under the fluorescent lights in a long, long time. He was slim and maybe 5?5?. In his early forties. Mousey brown hair that needed a cutting. Dressed in vintage clothes from the fifties. I suspected the vintage look wasn’t intentional. “Moonman,” he said. “Wassup?” “I brought the dudette,” Mooner said. “She’s like cool. She’s Bus Girl.” “She doesn’t look like Bus Girl. Bus Girl has big hooters and golden clothes. She needs to come back when she looks like Bus Girl, and maybe Uncle Black will talk to her.” I gave Uncle Black my card. “I need to talk to you about the protection you’re p...

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