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by Julie Garwood

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Lyra Prescott, a Los Angeles film student, is closing in on graduation and facing important decisions about her future. She's already been offered a job at her hometown TV station, an opportunity that could ultimately launch her dream career as a film editor. But heading back home would also mean dealing with her overprotective brothers, social-climbing mother, and eccentric grandmother. Unsure of her future, Lyra dives into work on her final school assignment: a documentary transformed by a twist of fate into a real-life horror film.

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...the remote on her keychain to pop open the trunk. She found the L-shaped lug wrench and raced back up to her apartment door to listen while she prayed for the sound of sirens. What was taking them so long! Pepper spray in left hand poised to fire, a lug wrench in the other, Lyra was ready. Scared to death, but ready. She leaned toward the door to listen for Sidney’s voice. The television was still tuned to the cartoon channel. The men inside were silent. What were they doing? She held her breath while she waited. When she thought she couldn’t stand it another second, they resumed talking. “Maybe I did hit her too hard. See if she’s still breathing.” As if on cue, Sidney groaned loudly. “She’s breathing, all right. Seems to be coming around. Should I tape her mouth?” “See if there’s tape in the kitchen. Can’t think where else it would be in this crackerbox apartment. And while you’re in there, see if there’s any beer.” “Okay. Okay. Maybe after I...

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14 Sep 2011 17:31:25

Julie Garwood has struck gold once again with this wild ride. Only Garwood can combine thrilling scenes with touching romantic banter. The book was great but then which one of her books isn't? Sam Kincaid is a modern day hero with the body of a Greek god and the heart of a champion, what woman would resist him. Lyra is strong but passionate and easy to relate to which made reading the book a joy in itself. Five stars for Sizzle!!

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