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by Robert B. Parker

Author: Robert B. Parker


Language: English

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Strangely enough, the idea of a proper role model is the crux of Parker’s latest novel. Zebulon Sixkill is a malformed individual and wannabe tough guy. He’s a bodyguard to Jumbo Nelson, a comedic Hollywood success story who is an absolute waste as a person. Jumbo embodies nearly all of the Seven Deadly Sins in his corpulent person and triggers a gag factor in me on nearly every page he’s on stage.

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ISBN: 0425246906
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...urnovers do you suppose those are?" I said. "Usually some raspberry and some apple," Morrison said. "Two of my faves," I said. "What are the others?" Morrison said. "Blueberry, strawberry, cherry, pineapple, peach, apricot, mince, blackberry, boysenberry . . ." "Okay, okay," Morrison said. "I get it." "Worst turnover I ever had was excellent," I said. "Like sex," Morrison said. "There's no such thing," I said, "as a bad turnover." Morrison nodded. He looked at Z. "Jumbo sees you on the set, Z," Morrison said, "he'll throw a shit fit." "Eek!" Z said. Morrison nodded. "Seemed like I ought to mention it," he said. "You know a man named Tom Lopata?" I said. "It was his daughter . . . wasn't it?" I nodded. A big guy wearing a cutoff Red Sox T-shir...

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"The oh-wow-yes?" Quirk said. "No. So he calls her that night and she goes over to his hotel. They drink some champagne. They do some lines. They have sex. When they get through, they get dressed. Jumbo excuses himself for a moment while he goes to the bathroom. And while he's gone she lies back down on the bed and dies." "I was having sex with Jumbo Nelson," I said, "I might consider it myself."



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