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Rodrick Rules

by Jeff Kinney

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If you have got a dairy, be ready that all your secrets become out. If you will ask Greg Heffley about his summer vacation, he doesn’t tell you anything. He wants’ to put the past three months behind him, especially one incident. But his older brother Rodrick knows about everything…and the diary gone…

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ISBN: 0810994739
9 of 10 Votes: 9

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...tried it out at dinner. [Image: A cartoon of a family at dinner time. The two boys talking to each other in a secret language.] "Your- pa dad-pa smells -pa like -pa a woman-pa! Hee Hee Hee!" But Rowley's dad must have cracked our code, because I ended up getting sent home before dessert. And I haven't been invited to spend the night at Rowley's ever since. [Image: A cartoon of a boy leaving the house in the night.] 31 When Rowley came over to my house today, he brought a bunch of pictures form his trip with him. He said the best part of his vacation was when they went on a river safari, and he showed me all these blurry pictures of birds and stuff. Now, I've been to the Wild Kingdom amusement park a bunch of times, and they have this River Rapids ride where they have these awesome robot animals like gorillas and dinosaurs. If you ask me, Rowley's parents should have just saved their money and taken him there instead. [Image: A cartoon of two boys talking in the room.] "Did you see any...




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