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Representative one-act plays by British and Irish authors

by Clark, Barrett H. (Barrett Harper), 1890-1953, ed


"Companion volume to 'Representative one-act plays by American authors,' edited by Margaret Gardner Mayorga and published in 1919."--Pref The widow of Warsdale Head, by Sir A. Pinero.--The goal, by H. A. Jones.--Salome, by O. Wilde.--The man in the stalls, by A. Sutro.--'Op-o'me-thumb, by F. Fenn and R. Pryce.--The impertinence of the creature, by C. Gordon-Lennox.--The stepmother, by A. Bennett.--Rococo, by G. Barker.--James and John, by G. Cannan.--The snow man, by L. Houseman.--Fancy free, by S. Houghton.--Lonesome-like, by H. Brighouse.--Miss Tassey, by Elizabeth Baker.--Makeshifts, by Gertrude Robins.--The maker of dreams, by O. Downs.--The land of heart's desire, by W. B. Yeats.--Riders to the sea, by J. M. Synge.--Spreading the news,... Read more

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