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by Scott Westerfeld

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Out in the Smoke (the world where the rebellious few who don't want to go through surgery live), Tally found love, betrayed a friend and inadvertantly caused a disaster. During her time in the Smoke, she found out there's more to the Pretty surgery than meets the eye. Knowing she was on the verge of being caught by the Specials, a police force of cruel-looking pretties, Tally wrote a note to herself to be delivered after her surgery -- a surgery that would take some of her memory away.

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ISBN: 1442419806
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...like talking it over with Andrew, or even giving him a smile. "So what's beyond the edge of the world?" she finally said. He shrugged. "Nothing." "There must be something." "The world just ends." "Have you been there?" "Of course. Every boy goes, one year before you become a man." Tally scowled--another boys-only club. "So what does it look like? A wide river? Some kind of cliff?" Andrew shook his head. "No. It looks like the forest, like any other place. But it is the end. There are little men there, who make sure you go no farther." "Little men, huh?" Tally remembered an old map on the library wall at her ugly school, the words "Here Be Dragons" written in flowery letters in all the blank spots. Maybe this world's edge was nothing more than the borderline of the villager's ...

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12 Aug 2012 02:06:08

great series
Scott Westerfeld is a very creative and inventive guy. He wrote this series about a future world where society tries to keep everyone on equal playing fields by turning them all "pretty" at age 16, and there are always those few who will fight against it. It reminded me of the hunger games, and I enjoyed it just as much, if not more than that series!

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h, swearing it would find the princess and punish her for leaving a friend behind. And over all those sleepy weeks, the dream always ended the same way, with the dragon


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ou can't do this to me," Tally whispered, trying to pull away. Shay held her firmly. "That's the thing, Tally-wa. I can." "No!" Tally cried, lashing out and trying to struggle to her fee


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ll pretty, of course, but her cruel, inhuman grace sent shivers through Tally, like watching a colorful spider traverse its web. Behind her, the other hoverboards descended. Ho and T


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of a few minutes' head start. They couldn't outrun the Specials' cars in a straight line, but their hoverboards were more nimble. Without Zane's tracker to give them away, they could s

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