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Plays by August Strindberg: Creditors. Pariah.

by Strindberg August

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Author: Strindberg August

Nonfiction » Politics » General

Language: English

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ISBN: B005H5A03U
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...been taking a good deal more from me thanI have been aware of?GUSTAV. You can be sure of that. She took when you were notlooking, and that is called theft. ADOLPH. Perhaps she never did educate me?GUSTAV. But you her? In all likelihood! But it was her trick tomake it appear the other way to you. May I ask how she set abouteducating you?ADOLPH. Oh, first of all--hm!GUSTAV. Well?ADOLPH. Well, I---GUSTAV. No, we were speaking of her. ADOLPH. Really, I cannot tell now. GUSTAV. Do you see!ADOLPH. However--she devoured my faith also, and so I sank furtherand further down, until you came along and gave me a new faith. GUSTAV. [Smiling] In sculpture?ADOLPH. [Doubtfully] Yes. GUSTAV. And have you really faith in it? In this abstract, antiquated art that dates back to the childhood of civilisation?Do you believe that you can obtain your effect by pure form--bythe three dimensions--tell me? That you can reach the practicalmind of our own day, and convey an illusion to it, without the useof...

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