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Perfect You

by Elizabeth Scott

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Kate's father has given up his job to sell Perfect You vitamins in the mall. While it may be his dream job, it's not going at all well. So badly, in fact, that the family is in danger of losing their home. Kate's older brother living on the sofa and failing to find a job isn't helping either.

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ISBN: 1416953558
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...No, but I ... I need you to grow up," Mom said. "And I hope that time apart will help you--" 241 "Grow up?" Dad said. "This isn't you, Sharon. I know it isn't. You sound like your mother." Mom flinched. "I'm not saying you have to give up your Perfect You business, Steve. You can still do it part-time. I just. . . I need you to get a job. A real one." "But I have a real job," Dad said. "And it's--I'm living my dream, Sharon. My whole life, I've wanted to do something that makes me happy, and I have that now. Please don't ask me to give it up." "I don't make you happy? Our life isn't enough for you?" "Of course you make me happy. It's always been you and me, hasn't it? And I know the two of us, together, can do anything. Things will turn around, Sharon. Just trust in that....

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Vitamins had ruined my life.


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I guess vitamins didn't ruin my life after all. They just changed it. Changed me.


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Try to live. Try to be happy.


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"I can't believe how stupid you and Dad are. That's right, I said stupid. And if you want the house cleaned, you do it, because you're the one who screwed up and lost it."


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I hated how I knew, deep down, that I would do anything to be her friend again

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