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Perfect Match

by Jodi Picoult


A searing novel of the terrifying power of love from one of America's leading novelists. Nina has a perfect, well, close to perfect life. She's a successful district attorney with a handsome husband named Caleb, who has a thriving contracting business of his own. They live in a picturesque little town in Maine, and they have an adorable little 5-year-old boy named Nathaniel. They both work too hard and sometimes Nina wonders if she's juggling too many balls, but Nathaniel makes it all worthwhile. Then one day he simply stops talking.

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ISBN: 0743418735
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...takes to help his son. He would give anything, for Nathaniel. Even, apparently, himself. Caleb sits on the edge of the bed. He picks up the phone, then realizes he has no one to call. But he holds the receiver to his ear for a few moments, until the operator gets on and reminds him that no matter what, on the other end, someone is listening. There is nothing for it: Patrick can't start his day without a chocolate croissant. The other cops rib him about it constantly-Too upscale for hnuts, are you, Ducharme? He brushes it off, willing to suffer some teasing as long as the police secretary who orders the daily tray of baked goods includes his personal favorite. But that morning, when he walks into the cafeteria to grab his snack and fill his coffee cup, Patrick's croissant is missing. "Aw, come on," he says to the beat cop standing next to him. "Are you guys being assholes? Did you hide it in the ladies' room again?" "We didn't touch it, Lieutenant, swear." Sighing, Patrick walks...




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