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Midnight's Daughter

by Karen Chance


Who are the dhampires? Nobody knows how called them, because they are the halves of vampires and humans. There are a lot if dhampires in the world, and Dorina Basarab was one of them. She dislike this essence. Now Dory’s vampire father has come to her for help— again. Her Uncle Dracula (yes,the Dracula), cruelest among vampires, has escaped his prison. And her father wants Dory to work with gorgeous master vampire Louis-Cesare to put him back there.

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...got you in trouble with Dad," I said with undisguised sarcasm. Radu didn't seem to know how to reply to that, not that I gave him a chance. "And what the hell is this place, anyway?" I realized that none of the creatures, some in cages and some roaming free, looked all that familiar. The two things snacking on the carcass looked like someone had hit a giant rat and the contents of a Dumpster with a dislocator-- nothing made sense and nothing was where it was supposed to be. One of the sort-of rats seemed to have gotten hold of a human leg, which I originally thought it was saving for dessert. I looked away when I realized it was attached to the side of one furry hip, and was moving slightly, as if trying to gain a footing on the blood-slick floor. After five centuries of horrors, very little gets to me anymore. Disgusted I can still do, but I would have said that appalled was no longer on my sensations list. The last time I'd felt it had been during the Great War, when a hunt took me...

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smoothed up the insides of my thighs in a butterfly touch. They made a more purposeful caress down, in an unspoken appeal. I opened for him. Louis-Cesare took his time, stroking, kissing and licking a trail upward from my knees. Then his head dipped between my legs and that hot tongue flicked higher. That rough liquid texture explored me, but only briefly, shallowly, teasingly. The velvets under her are not as soft as her skin. Closing my mouth over the center of her. That racing pulse whispering how fragile she is, how delicate--careful, must be so careful, until she melts with sweetness, like honey on my tongue. He suddenly stopped altogether, and I wondered if he'd noticed that his thoughts were leaking all over the place. No, he couldn't stop now!


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I was about to ask him what was happening, when he traced my lower stomach with his tongue, then, with no more warning than a gleam in his eyes, almost roughly plunged it into my navel. It was a shock, delightful, delicious and unanticipated, sending liquid shivers to the pit of my stomach. No one had ever brought me so quickly and deeply into pleasure, but suddenly my whole body convulsed with it. His lips moved slightly downward, finding the flesh below my belly button, and his warm breath against me made me squirm. His eyes had bled to liquid silver.


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There is no part of her I haven't ached to touch: the soft roundness of her cheek, her beautiful throat, her breasts. I am possessed by an angel with ridiculous hair, flashing eyes and a devil's mouth. Seeing myself through Louis-Cesare's eyes, feeling his emotions as well as my own, left me speechless--and extremely


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"Everything about you is provoking, " he breathed. "Your voice saying outrageous things, your body striding up and down, giving me orders, and your taste--" The thought skittered across my mind that if this was foreplay, sex with Louis-Cesare would probably kill me. I felt the headboard crack under my hands and decided that there were worse ways to go. And then it happened again. Images flooded my brain, richly detailed and absolutely breathtaking. Dorina, naked on a bed, head dropped back to expose that lovely throat, luscious mouth open in soft moans, sweat trickling between those perfect breasts, glistening on a waist so tiny I could span it with my hands.


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I can sense the pace she wants; I know the touch she craves. So beautiful, head flung back, body spasming under mine, sweat sheening her thighs, she is slick under my hands, moaning, straining, tousled hair dripping, hands clutching the headboard desperately. Beautiful, so beautiful. I gasped, fists clenching with the unexpected strength of the sensations flying between us, no longer quite sure where my pleasure ended and Louis-Cesare's began. Every touch of his hands was a double sensation--I felt it on his skin, in his emotions, as well as in my own. Double vision didn't come close to describing it--it was double everything. And it was too intense, far too intense. God--I could drown in this,

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