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Midnight Sun

by Stephenie Meyers



Midnight Sun is the much anticipated version of Twilight in Edward's point of view. The partial draft somehow got leaked onto the internet and Stephanie gave up the project altogether. The finality of her decision was proclaimed after she posted a letter to her fans on her website with a link to the entire partial draft of the book.

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ISBN: 0316043125
9 of 10 Votes: 183

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...just smells too good. I'm impressed you've lasted this long. "Not helping, Emmett." I was revolted by his acceptance of the idea that I would kill the girl, that this was somehow inevitable. Was it her fault that she smelled so good? I know when it happened to me..., he reminisced, taking me back with him half a century, to a country lane at dusk, where a middle-aged women was taking her dried sheets down from a line strung between apple trees. The scent of apples hung heavy in the air--the harvest was over and the rejected fruits were scattered on the ground, the bruises in their skin leaking their fragrance out in thick clouds. A fresh-mowed field of hay was a background to that scent, a harmony. He walked up the lane, all but oblivious to the woman, on an errand for Rosalie. The sky was purple overhead, orange over the western trees. He would have continued up the meandering cart path and there would have been no reason to remember the evening, except that a...



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