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Memoirs Of A Geisha

by Arthur Golden

Author: Arthur Golden

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Language: English

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The author of the novel Arthur Golden studied Japanese language and Japanese art for a long time and got carried away with the beauty and strength of Japanese culture. His impressions and knowledge constituted the basis of the famous novel Memoirs Of A Geisha. This is a life account of a woman who was trained to be geisha and who practiced it. Everything in the book is very bright and realistic. When reading geisha's confessions, you feel like you are going through happiness and sorrow with her. You will feel the emotions and feelings of hers and of course, learn more about Japanese culture and traditions.

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ISBN: 0679781587
9 of 10 Votes: 66

Read an excerpt:

...were so perfectlyformed that at once I began to feel even more insignificant than usual. And then suddenly I realizedwho she was.Mameha, the geisha whose kimono Hatsumomo had made me ruin.What had happened to her kimono wasn't really my fault; but still, I would have given up the robe Iwas wearing not to run into her. I lowered my head to keep my face hidden while I showed her andher maid into the reception room. I didn't think she would recognize me, since I felt certain shehadn't seen my face when I'd returned the kimono; and even if she had, two years had passed sincethen. The maid who accompanied her now wasn't the same young woman who'd taken the kimonofrom me that night and whose eyes had filled with tears. Still, I was relieved when the time camefor me to bow and leave them in the reception room.Twenty minutes later, when Mameha and her maid were ready to leave, I fetched their shoes andarranged them on the step in the entryway, still keeping my head down and feeling every bit...




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