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Lord of the Flies

by William Golding

Author: William Golding

Books » American fiction

Language: English

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The author is talk about a group of English schoolboys who are plane-wrecked on a deserted island is just as chilling and relevant today as when it was first published in 1954. First time boys lived in cooperation. But Ralph, "the boy with fair hair," and Piggy, Ralph's chubby, wisdom-dispensing sidekick whose thick spectacles come in handy for lighting fires. Ralph invited some rules, but soon they were ignored or challenged outright. The situation deteriorates as the trappings of civilization continue to fall away, until Ralph discovers that instead of being hunters, he and Piggy have become the hunted.

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ISBN: 0399537422
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...of charcoal brought down from the fire.Jack explained to Roger as he worked."They don't smell me. They see me, I think. Something pink, under the trees."He smeared on the clay."If only I'd some green!"He turned a half-concealed face up to Roger and answered the incomprehension of his gaze."For hunting. Like in the war. You know--dazzle paint. Like things trying to look like something else--" He twisted in the urgency of telling. "--Like moths on a tree trunk."Roger understood and nodded gravely. The twins moved toward Jack and began to protest timidly about something. Jack waved them away."Shut up."He rubbed the charcoal stick between the patches of red and white on his face."No. You two come with me."He peered at his reflection and disliked it. He bent down, took up a double handful of lukewarm water and rubbed the mess from his face. Freckles and sandy eyebrows appeared.Roger smiled, unwillingly."You don't half look a mess."Jack planned his new face. He made one cheek and one...

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09 Jan 2011 05:22:37

Make me feel sorry for piggy and that all schoolmate... Read it and u will fall in love with the story.


20 Dec 2010 14:43:24

i love love love this book


15 Dec 2010 10:37:07

Full of atmosphere and reads very easily


13 Dec 2010 16:55:17

I love this books!!!Read it in high school and fell in love.


01 Dec 2010 04:00:39

I had to read this book and write so many essays about it in english this year!


17 Nov 2010 00:17:23

i read this book my senior year not bad

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The drove of pigs started up; and at a range of only ten yards the wooden spears with fire-hardened points flew toward the chosen pig. One piglet, with a demented shriek, rushed into the sea trailing Roger's spear behind it. The sow gave a gasping squeal and staggered up, with two spears sticking in her fat flank.


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ll round him th


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"Seems to me we ought to have a chief to decide things. "

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