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Kissing Coffins

by Ellen Schreiber



After meeting the handsome and shadowy Alexander Sterling, goth-girl Raven's dark world has a bright, new glow. But as in her favorite movie,Kissing Coffins, Raven knows that love always has its complications, especially when Alexander has a big secret to guard.

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ISBN: 0060776226
9 of 10 Votes: 51

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...o protect you, not to hurt you, " he answered in a serious tone, sitting down next to me. "Protect me from what?" "From Jagger. From me. From my world. " "But you don't have to protect me. " "My world is not just filled with romance, like you think it is. There is danger. " "There can be risk anywhere. It's not exclusive to vampires. You just have to be careful. " "But I don't want you to be near danger in any world. " "I won't if we are together, " I argued. "I don't want you to think you have to change who you are to be with me, " he said earnestly. "I know that, " I assured him. "Or ask that you change. " "That's why you left Dullsville, " I realized out loud. "You were afraid I'd want to become a vampire. " "Yes. But there was a more imminent danger presiding. A vampire with white hair...




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