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In Cold Blood

by Truman Capote



This novel is slow and detailed. Capote takes his time describing the people and places involved in the murder. Because Capote paces himself and uses so much detail, he creates a sort of suspense in In Cold Blood, like you might expect in a fiction novel.

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ISBN: 0375507906
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...herself into his arms. "It's true, Daddy! Nancy's dead!" Susan turned on her. "No, she isn't. And don't you say it. Don't you dare. It's only a nosebleed. She has them all the time, terrible nosebleed, and that's all it is." "There's too much blood. There's blood on the walls. You didn't really look." "I couldn't make head nor tails," Mr. Ewalt subsequently testified. "I thought maybe the child was hurt. It seemed to me the first thing to do was call an ambulance. Miss Kidwell - Susan - she told me there was a telephone in the kitchen. I found it, right where she said. But the receiver was off the hook, and when I picked it up, I saw the line had been cut." Larry Hendricks, a teacher of English, aged twenty-seven, lived on the top floor of the Teacherage. He wanted to write, but his apartment was not the ideal lair for a would-be author. It was smaller than the Kidwell's, and, moreover, he shared it with a wife, three active children, and a perpetually functioning television set....

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14 Jan 2011 03:57:14

Definitely a must-read!!!


05 Dec 2010 20:49:39

i really enjoyed this book... its a classic


25 Nov 2010 21:17:43

i thougt this book was quite good

my company boy

17 Nov 2010 02:09:25

I am a freshman,so this e-book give me a window to see and think the world.


06 Nov 2010 03:42:31

If you like "No country for old man", you will definitely be fascinated by this novel. It will chill you to the bones.


19 Oct 2010 06:03:26

we love ebooks In Cold Blood " by Truman Capote

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Nancy, popular and pretty as she was,


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Yeah, and how about hanging the bastard? That's pretty goddam cold-blooded too.


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It was the cold and calculated weighing of so many ounces of silver against so many ounces of blood


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The way he kept on, he had me almost convinced Hickock and Smith were innocent,


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There's too much blood. There's blood on the walls.

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