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I Love Bad Boys

by Lori Foster, Janelle Denison, Donna Kauffman



It is very hard to forget some women, he’s never been able to forget . Since they were teenagers, sparks have flown between Chloe Anderson and Gabe Mackenzie. When they sit down for a friendly game of poker, it turns into a game of seduction. Gabe, a former pro quarterback, always plays to win. But leave it to the irrepressible Chloe to turn the poker tables on him with a winning hand. Now she has Gabe at her mercy for four nights—and they’ve got six years of pent-up passion to make up for...

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...bothered her—a compliment. Judging by the seriousness of her expression, she really believed what she said. She also looked more vulnerable than any woman should ever look. Trying to lighten her mood, he raised his hands and studied them. That got her attention. "What are you doing?" George lifted one shoulder. "I'm looking to see if I've got any visible burns so I can prove to you how wrong you are.""Burns?" "You are hot, lady. Believe me, I know. So hot, in fact, I would've sworn my fingertips were singed from touching you."It was so ridiculous, but so sweet, Becky couldn't help but smile. George blew on his fingers and she laughed out loud. He was an incredible man."That's better," he told her, and he snagged another cookie. * * * Becky looked at him sitting across the table from her—a place she'd never, ever expected to see George sitting. Because it was getting to be late in the day, he had a dark beard shadow. She'd felt it when he kissed her, knew she had a few slight...

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to do what?


16 Dec 2010 06:44:06

takes time.......

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