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Hunted (House of Night Series #5)

by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

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P.C. and Kristin Cast present new chapter in the life of Zoey Redbird. The book is called "House of Night". Zoey is a powerful fledging who is being trained for her conversion to vampirism at a private boarding school. Zoey and her friends are presently struggling with evil high priestess Neferet and fallen angel Kalona, who have taken over the Oklahoma House of Night. She is also involved in power struggles among the other fledglings along with the usual teenage anxiety that accompanies many of her boyfriends boyfriends. The plot is energetic and fascinating, and consists of many dialogues. The authors retell previous events, which a little annoying for those wha have already read previous four parts of the series. Teens who like vampire s... Read more

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...the red fledglings now that theywere becoming individuals-and not individuals who were trying to chomp on us. Or at least at thatmoment they weren't."Dallas is next." Stevie Rae pointed to a kid standing behind Venus. At the sound of his name hekinda slouched around her and mumbled what sounded like a version of hi. He would have beentotally unremarkable looking if it hadn't been for the quick intelligence in his eyes and the kindaflirty smile he threw Stevie Rae. Hm, I thought, wonder if something's going on there? "Dallas wasborn in Houston, which we all think is odd and confusing," Stevie Rae was saying.The kid shrugged. "It's a gross story my dad tells about him and my mom making me in Dallas. Inever wanted the details.""Ugh, parent sex," Shaunee said."Completely disgusting," Erin agreed.I could see a little laugh ripple through the group of red fledglings at the Twins' comments, makingthe tension that had been hanging between our two groups begin to really loosen up."Next is...




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