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by Louis Sachar

Author: Louis Sachar

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Language: English

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A wonderful tale describing the life of Stanley Yelnats and his family who are not lucky. One day the main character is accused of being a thief and Stanley can choose between going to jail or to Camp Green Lake. He decides to go to the camp as he thinks that it will be a new and interesting experience for him. However, when Stanley arrives there, it turns out that in Camp Green Lake there is not lake and in fact it is not a camp. It is a prison-industries camp for underages. Warders there are very evil and strict. For example, one of them paints her nails with snake poison. The main task for each prisoner is digging holes with dimensions five by five. Stanley and his friends start wondering who needs such holes and why. As they find out la... Read more

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ISBN: 0374332665
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...hole, and it would take a year and a half to dig it. He guessed he'd lost at least five pounds. Hefigured that in a year and a half he'd be either in great physical condition, or else dead. He dug his shovel into the dirt. It couldn't always be this hot, he thought. Surely it got cooler in December. Maybe then they froze. He dug his shovel into the dirt. His skin had gotten tougher. It didn't hurt so much to hold the shovel. As he drank from his canteen he looked up at the sky. A cloud had appeared earlier in the day. It wasthe first cloud he could remember seeing since coming to Camp Green Lake. He and the other boys had been watching it all day, hoping it would move in front of the sun. Occasionally it got close, but it was just teasing them. His hole was waist deep. He dug his shovel into the dirt. As he dumped it out, he thought he sawsomething glisten as it fell onto the dirt pile. Whatever it was, it was quickly buried. Stanley stared at the pile a moment, unsure if he'd even...



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