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by Xenophon

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Xenophon of Athens, a soldier, mercenary, and a contemporary and admirer of Socrates. His literary heritage includes works on the history of his own times, the 4th century BC, preserving the sayings of Socrates, and the life of ancient Greece. In “Hiero” he offers a dialogue between Hiero, tyrant of Syracuse, and the lyric poet Simonides about 474 B.C.E. By this work the author tried to disprove general delusion of a complete prosperity of the tyrant, describing residing misfortunes, the atmosphere of distrust, hatred and continuous tyrant’s fear for his own life.
The second part of the work presents a series of reorganizations, resulting in the prosperity and happiness of the ruler and his nation. Xenophon claims that one is abl... Read more

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ISBN: 1438524196
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...Reading with Holden (after H. Steph. ) {osper oun an tis... } or with Hartm. (op. Cit. P. 259) {osper ouk an tis... }So Hiero ended. Simonides answered laughingly: How say you, Hiero? What is that? Love'sstrong passion for his soul's beloved incapable of springing up in anymonarch's heart? What of your own passion for Dailochus, surnamed of men"most beautiful"?Hiero. That is easily explained, Simonides. What I most desire of him isno ready spoil, as men might reckon it, but rather what it is least ofall the privilege of a tyrant to obtain. (42) I say it truly, I--thelove I bear Dailochus is of this high sort. All that the constitution ofour souls and bodies possibly compels a man to ask for at the hands ofbeauty, that my fantasy desires of him; but what my fantasy demands, Ido most earnestly desire to obtain from willing hands and under seal oftrue affection. To clutch it forcibly were as far from my desire as todo myself some mortal mischief. (42) Lit. "of tyrant to achieve, " a met....

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