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Flowers for Algernon

by Daniel Keyes

Author: Daniel Keyes

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Language: English

Added by: R. Thornton

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In this classic story that inspired the hit movie Charlie, Charlie Gordon, a retarded adult who cleans floors and toilets, becomes a genius through an experimental operation

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ISBN: 0156030306
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...can't have him here." Dad was pulling Mom out of the principal's office, and she was shouting and crying too. I didn't see her face, but her big red teardrops kept splashing down on me... . This morning I could recall the dream, but now there's more than that-I can remember through the blur, back to when I was six years old and it all happened. Just before Norma was born. I see Mom, a thin, dark-haired woman who talks too fast and uses her hands too much. As always her face is blurred. Her hair is up in a bun, and her hand goes to touch it, pat it smooth, as if she has to make sure it's still there. I remember that she was always fluttering like a big, white bird-around my father, and he too heavy and tired to escape her pecking. I see Charlie, standing in the center of the kitchen, playing with his spinner, bright colored beads and rings threaded on a string. He holds the string up in one hand turns the rings so they wind and unwind in bright spinning flashes. He spends long hours...



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