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Fatal Revenant

by Stephen R. Donaldson



In the most eagerly-awaited literary sequel in years, Linden Avery, who loved Thomas Covenant and watched him die at the end of Book Six, has returned to the Land in search of her kidnapped son, Jeremiah. As Fatal Revenant begins, Linden watches from the battlements of Revelstone while the impossible happens—riding ahead of the hordes attacking Revelstone are Jeremiah and Covenant himself, apparently very much alive. But Covenant is strangely changed…

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...perversion of the Viles progressed, samadhi Raver evaded the Interdict by passing beyond the Southron Range to taint the people who gave birth to Berek Lord-Fatherer. By his influence upon their King, samadhi instigated the war which led Berek through terrible years and cruel bloodshed to his place as the first High Lord in the Land. "Among the crags of Mount Thunder, Berek had sworn himself to the service of the Land. But he was new to power, and much of his effort was turned to the discovering of the One Tree and the forming of the Staff of Law. He could not halt all of humankind's depredations against the forests. And as the trees dwindled, so the strength of the Colossus was diminished. "Nonetheless in the time of High Lord Damelon the Interdict endured. When the Viles turned their lore and their self- loathing to the creation of the Demondim in the Lost Deep, the Ravers were precluded from interference." Esmer nodded as if to himself. His gaze drifted away from Linden. He may have...

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