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Family Ties

by Danielle Steel



Annie Ferguson was a bright young Manhattan architect. Talented, beautiful, just starting out with her first job, new apartment and boyfriend, she had the world in the palm of her hand -- until a single phone call altered the course of her life forever. Overnight, she became the mother to her sister's three orphaned children, keeping a promise she never regretted making, even if it meant putting her own life indefinitely on hold.

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ISBN: 0385343167
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...listen to Mr. Clean here. He wouldn't know style if it bit him on the ass. He's stuck in 1950. Leave it to Beaver." "That's better than the cartoon fest on your arms. What's next? Cinderella or Snow White?" "I think I should get an eagle on my chest," Annie said pensively, as Katie grinned. "I'll design it for you if you want. You could do a butter y on your back. I did a great one for the tattoo parlor last week. They've already used it for two people." "There's a career goal for you," Ted commented drily. "Tattoo artist. I'll bet Mom and Dad would have loved that." loved that." "What do you know?" Kate looked annoyed by the comment. "Maybe they would have thought law school was boring. They had more pizzazz than that." "They would have been proud of you both," Annie intervened in the discussion, and basted the bird in the oven again. "We should probably get dressed." It was eleven o'clock by then. "No rush. Liz will be an hour late and act surprised. She always...




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