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Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Last Straw

by Jeff Kinney

Author: Jeff Kinney

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Language: English

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The highly anticipated third book in the critically acclaimed and bestselling series takes the art of being wimpy to a whole new level. Let’s face it: Greg Heffley will never change his wimpy ways. Somebody just needs to explain that to Greg’s father. You see, Frank Heffley actually thinks he can get his son to toughen up, and he enlists Greg in organized sports and other “manly” endeavors.

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ISBN: 0810970686
9 of 10 Votes: 82

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...room while she was gone. Alex is a good student, but people aren't afraid of Alex the way they are of Patty Farrell. As soon as Mrs. Craig left the room, it was complete pandemonium. [Image: Children fighting in the class room] The caption reads: "WHAP ALEX ARUDA" 62 A couple of guys who were sick of getting stuck inside for recess every day decided to try and figure out who took Mrs. Craig's dictionary. The first person they interrogated was this kid named Corey Lamb. I think Corey was number one on the list of suspects because he's smart and he's always using big words. [Image: A boy is in the middle of two men.] Corey fessed up to the crime in no time flat. But it turns out he only said he did it because the pressure made him crack. [Image: The men check the boys bag e.t.c.] The caption reads: "SHAKE SHAKE SUCK SUCK" 63 The next kid on the list was Peter Lynn, and before you knew it Peter was confessing, too. [Image: The boy is screaming as he is held by the two men.]...

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09 Dec 2010 12:23:28

Love the whole series!

07 Dec 2010 10:07:55

nice cool not so boring

04 Dec 2010 07:50:11

just love the series :D


30 Nov 2010 18:09:10

love this guy's series! :D!


29 Nov 2010 02:22:49

I've always loved these books :)


15 Nov 2010 06:41:56

i like the cartoons.. i want it

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