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Darkly dreaming Dexter

by Jeff Lindsay


Dexter Morgan from the childhood has got his opinion and he not cause trouble to another people, so he was independent kinder. When he grew up, he become a perfect gentleman: he has a shy girlfriend, and seems to lead a quiet, normal life bordering on the mundane. Despite the fact that he can't stand the sight of blood, he works as a blood-spatter analyst for the Miami police.

But Dexter also has a secret hobby: he is an accomplished serial killer. So far, he's killed 36 people and has never been caught because he knows exactly how to hide the evidence. And while that may lead some people to assume he's not such a nice guy, he tempers his insatiable hunger for brutality by only killing the bad guys.

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ISBN: 0307277887
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...even--especially--me. I know what I am and that is not a thing to love. I am alone in the world, all alone, but for Deborah. Except, of course, for the Thing inside, who does not come out to play too often. And does not actually play with me but must have somebody else. So as much as I can, I care about her, dear Deborah. It is probably not love, but I would rather she were happy. And she sat there, dear Deborah, looking unhappy. My family. Staring at me and not knowing what to say, but coming closer to saying it than ever before. "Well," I said, "actually--" "I knew it! You DO have something!" "Don't interrupt my trance, Deborah. I'm in touch with the spirit realm." "Spit it out," she said. "It's the interrupted cut, Deb. The left leg." "What about it?" "LaGuerta thinks the killer was discovered. Got nervous, didn't finish." Deborah nodded. "She had me asking hookers last night if they saw anything. Somebody must have." "Oh, not you, too," I said. "Think, Deborah. If he was...

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"It's like, everything really is two ways, the way we all pretend it is and the way it really is. And you already know that and it's like a game for you. "


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I know what I am and that is not a thing to love.


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"It's not the size of the doughnut, it's the skill of the baker, "


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And I didn't want the cops to catch every serial killer out there. Then what would I do for a hobby


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