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Cyropaedia: the education of Cyrus

by Xenophon

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Author: Xenophon

Literature & Fiction » Contemporary

Language: English

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ISBN: 1456498835
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...common: but they hold that the actual commandof the expedition was mine by right even before we left home, so that Iwas fully entitled, on their view, to appoint umpires and judges at myown will. "[20] "And do you really expect, " asked Chrysantas, "that the mass of thearmy will pass a resolution giving up the right of all to an equal sharein order that the best men should receive the most?""Yes, I do, " said Cyrus, "partly because we shall be there to argue forthat course, but chiefly because it would seem too base to deny thathe who works the hardest and does most for the common good deservesthe highest recompense. Even the worst of men must admit that the braveshould gain the most. "[21] It was, however, as much for the sake of the Peers themselves asfor any other reason that Cyrus wished the resolution to be passed. They would prove all the better men, he thought, if they too were to bejudged by their deeds and rewarded accordingly. And this was the rightmoment, he felt, to raise...

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