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by Robin Wasserman

Author: Robin Wasserman

Science Fiction & Fantasy » Fantasy

Language: English

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Like most of my other favorite sci fi, this book takes on social conventions, morality, and ethics. It calls in to question the very definition of life, the soul, and what exactly makes us human. This book is full of stuff for discussion, but does not sacrifice the story to prove it's points. The plot itself is intricate and full of betrayals, disappointments and triumphs. This book covers a lot of ground at a fast clip and is a book that both teens and adults will easily relate to. In fact, if you are an adult fan and are wary of reading this series because it is labeled YA then you are really missing out.

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...glass carving my palms as I grabbed the frame and threw myself, without pausing, without thinking, without fear, into the sky. Life is a physics problem. Bodies in motion. Bodies in free fall, at a constant rate of acceleration, gravity dragging them down and down and down. Thirty-two point two feet per second per second, down. Sixteen stories between jagged glass and stained pavement. Three seconds. Three seconds to live--if you're an org. If you're a mech, three seconds to decide. Headfirst, brain crushed on concrete, life downloaded to something new and fresh and far away. Feetfirst and there was a chance. In the dark there was no ground, no building, just the wind, just the clock, seconds ticking down. My body had no org instincts, no reflexes to act on. There was only thought put into action. There was only what I knew. Two seconds. I knew a lot: You learn how to fly, you learn how to fall. ...




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