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Complete Plays of John Galsworthy

by Galsworthy John

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Author: Galsworthy John

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Language: English

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First Series: The Silver Box -- Joy ­ Strife Second Series: The Eldest Son -- The Little Dream ­- Justice Third Series: The Fugitive -- The Pigeon -- The Mob Fourth Series: A Bit O' Love -- The Foundations -- The Skin Game Six Short Plays: The First and The Last -- The Little Man -- Hall-marked ­ Defeat -- The Sun -- Punch and Go. --This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition.

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...Are youthat Herr Lamond who has climbed all our little mountains this year?LAMOND. All but that big fellow. SEELCHEN. We have heard of you. Will you not wait a day for father'sfoot?LAMOND. Ah! no. I must go back home to-morrow. SEELCHEN. The gracious Sir is in a hurry. LAMOND. [Looking at her intently] Alas!SEELCHEN. Are you from London? Is it very big?LAMOND. Six million souls. SEELCHEN. Oh! [After a little pause] I have seen Cortina twice. LAMOND. Do you live here all the year?SEELCHEN. In winter in the valley. LAMOND. And don't you want to see the world?SEELCHEN. Sometimes. [Going to a door, she calls softly] Hans![Then pointing to another door] There are seven German gentlemenasleep in there!LAMOND. Oh God!SEELCHEN. Please? They are here to see the sunrise. [She picks upa little book that has dropped from LAMOND'S pocket] I have readseveral books. LAMOND. This is by the great English poet. Do you never make poetryhere, and dream dreams, among your mountains?SEELCHEN. [Slowly...

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