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City Of Glass

by Cassandra Clare



If Clary wants to save her mother, she must travel to the City of Glass. To make things worse, she learns that Jace does not want her there, and Simon has been thrown in prison by the Shadowhunters, who are deeply suspicious of a vampire who can withstand sunlight.

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ISBN: 1416972250
9 of 10 Votes: 266

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...the Clave," Sebastian said, apparently taking pity on Simon. "It's where the Law is made, and where the Consul and Inquisitor reside. Only adult Shadowhunters are allowed onto its grounds when the Clave is in session." "In session?" Simon asked, remembering what Jace had said earlier, upstairs. "You mean—not because of me?" Sebastian laughed. "No. Because of Valentine and the Mortal Instruments. That's why everyone's here. To discuss what Valentine's going to do next." Jace said nothing, but at the sound of Valentine's name, his face tightened. "Well, he'll go after the Mirror," Simon said. "The third of the Mortal Instruments, right? Is it here in Idris? Is that why everyone's here?" There was a short silence before Isabelle answered. "The thing about the Mirror is that no one knows where it is. In fact, no one knows what it is." "It's a mirror," Simon said. "You know—reflective, glass. I'm just assuming." "What Isabelle means," said Sebastian kindly, "is that nobody knows...

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04 Apr 2012 18:04:16

this book is the best out of the 3. can't wait to read for.
Love Jace :DD


15 Dec 2011 10:40:45

Ok well I tried to add a "Quote"... anyway, that Quote in the Epilogue of the book literally made me "Laugh-my-a**-off"!!!


15 Dec 2011 10:35:31

“Where is the trust? I think it’s strawberry juice,” Isabelle said. “Anyway, it’s yummy. Jace?” She offered
him the glass.
“I am a man,” he told her, “and men do not consume pink beverages. Get thee gone, woman, and bring
me something brown.”
“Brown?” Isabelle made a face.
“Brown is a manly color,” said Jace, and yanked on a stray lock of Isabelle’s hair with his free hand. “In
fact, look—Alec is wearing it.”


13 Nov 2011 16:06:46

This book is really good I actually couldn't stop reading IT. Sometimes it may get confusing but you would have to re-read it overall it was great book. #Teamjace by the way :)


29 Oct 2011 00:36:04

My Favourite so far... GO TEAM JACE!!!!

14 Apr 2011 00:19:05

my Favorite in the serse
so far

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She laced her fingers through his. "Good night, " she whispered. With their hands clasped like children in a fairy tale, she fell asleep beside him in the dark.


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"And I know you think I just want to be with you toto show myself what a monster I am, " he said. "And maybe I am a monster. I don't know the answer to that. But what I do know is that even if there's demon blood inside me, there is human blood inside me as well. And I couldn't love you like I do if I wasn't at least a little bit human. Because demons want. But they don't love. And I"


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"There is no pretending, " Jace said with absolute clarity. "I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there's a life after that, I'll love you then. "


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He landed on his back amid a tangled pile of clothes. "Isabelle, " Simon protested weakly, "do you really think this is going to make you feel any better?"

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