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by Stephen King

Author: Stephen King

Books » Fantasy fiction

Language: English

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What starts as an ordinary October day soon turns into a fight to save the human race. A strange signal, known as "The Pulse" is sent through every cell phone, and instead of destroying technology, it destroys the user. Hell bent on murderous rampage, they seek out the 'normies' that were lucky enough to escape the attack, but the headmaster of Gaiten Academy, and one of the students may have devised a way to stop them.

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ISBN: 1416524517
9 of 10 Votes: 6

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...k you into coming. The smell of smoke's stronger, but when's the last time you heard a siren?" None of them replied. "Me either," Clay said. "I don't think things are going to get better in Boston, not for a while. They're going to get worse. If it was the cell phones—" "She tried to leave a message for Dad," Alice said. She spoke rapidly, as if wanting to make sure she got all the words out before the memory flew away. "She just wanted to make sure he'd pick up the dry cleaning because she needed her yellow wool dress for her committee meeting and I needed my extra uni for the away game on Saturday. This was in the cab. And then we crashed! She choked the man and she bit the man and his turban fell off and there was blood on the side of his face and we crashed!" Alice looked...

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