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Bridget Jones Diary

by Helen Fielding

Author: Helen Fielding

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Language: English

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“Bridget Jones Diary” by Helen Fielding (1960), an English novelist and screenwriter, came into being mostly owing to author’s column in the London Independent. As the title suggests, the book is a somewhat lyric diary, relating with wit and sincerity of a young single English woman, who tries to become a self-made person. It is not only a mirror, where numerous women can recognize themselves and their anxieties - career, fashion, marriage and love affairs, but also a peculiar manual for those who enrich the ranks of belligerent feminists in their search of ideal “I”. Moreover, “Bridget Jones Diary” appears to be a useful guide for men, which helps them to find a way through the nook and cranny of a mysterious female soul.

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ISBN: 0143117130
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