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Bridge to Terabithia

by Katherine Paterson


People are always asking me questions I don't have answers for. One is, "When did you first know that you wanted to become a writer?" The fact is that I never wanted to be a writer, at least not when I was a child, or even a young woman. Today I want very much to be a writer. But when I was ten, I wanted to be either a movie star or a missionary. When I was twenty, I wanted to get married and have lots of children.

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ISBN: 0061227285
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...five dollars?" "Oh, Momma, you remember." Ellie's voice was sweeter than a melted Mars Bar. "Daddy said last week we girls were going to have to have something for school." "Oh, take it," his mother said angrily, reaching for her cracked vinyl purse on the shelf above the stove. She counted out five wrinkled bills. "Momma" - Brenda was starting again - "can't we have just one more? So it'll be three each?" "No!" "Momma, you can't buy nothing for two fifty. Just one little pack of notebook paper's gone up to - " "No!" Ellie got up noisily and began to clear the table. "Your turn to wash, Brenda," she said loudly. "Awww, Ellie." Ellie jabbed her with a spoon. Jesse saw that look. Brenda shut up her whine halfway out of her Rose Lustre lipsticked mouth. She wasn't as smart as Ellie, but even she knew not to push Momma too far. Which left Jess to do the work as usual. Momma never sent the babies out to help, although if he worked it right...


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