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Bloodsucking Fiends

by Christopher Moore


Here's something different: a vampire novel that's light, funny, and not at all hackneyed. Between scenes of punks bowling frozen turkeys on the graveyard shift in a supermarket, or snapping turtles loose in a loft and gnawing on designer shoes, this novel has comic charm to spare. But it also packs an appealingly downbeat message about the consumer culture.

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ISBN: 1416558497
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...finished." D: Smile and throw his car keys out the window. 3. After fumbling in the dark, he thinks he's found the spot. When you tell him that's not it, he forges ahead anyway. You: A: Grab the lamp off the nightstand and beat him with it until he gets off you. B: Grab the lamp off the nightstand and beat him to death with it. C: Grab the lamp off the nightstand, turn it on, and say, "Would you look where you're at?" D: Wait patiently until he finishes, wishing the whole time that you had a lamp on your nightstand. The phone in the office rang. Tommy closed the magazine. "Marina Safeway." "Tommy, is that you?" Jody asked. "Yeah, I have on my phone voice." "Look, you're registered into room two-twelve at the Van Ness Motel -- the corner of Chestnut and Van Ness. There's a key waiting for you in the office. The papers and keys for my car are on the bed....

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"I'll let you live,That's your punishment. "


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I am weak as water: an entire empire to save and right now I would sell my soul for a bucket of the Colonel's crispy-fried chicken



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