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Betrayed (House of Night Series #2)

by Kristin Cast

Author: Kristin Cast

Literature & Fiction

Language: English

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"Betrayed", is the second installment in the bestselling House of Night series. This novel is mystical, dark and sexy. Every page thrills and shocks. Fledgling vampire Zoey Redbird settled in at the House of Night. Managed to control the great powers the vampire goddess, Nyx, has given her, and is getting a handle on being the new Leader of the Dark Daughters, the most elite group at school. The best thing is that Zoey's made some new friends and she finally feels like never before she feels she’s in the right place, the place she belongs. She used to have a boyfriend actually, boyfriends. And despite the best efforts of her mother and step-loser John to humiliate her publically during parent visitation, she's earned the respect of ... Read more

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...of the oldgroup on my Council I\'ll be sending the right message. \"\"Or you\'ll be letting a viper into our midst, \" Damiensaid quietly. \"Correct me if I\'m wrong, Damien, but aren\'t snakesclosely allied with Nyx?\" I spoke quickly, following theintuitive feeling that was prompting me. \"Haven\'t theygotten a bad reputation because historically they\'ve beensymbols of female power, and men wanted to take thatpower away from women and make it something disgustingand scary instead?\"\"No, you\'re right, \" he said reluctantly, \"but thatdoesn\'t mean letting one of Aphrodite\'s gang into ourCouncil is a good idea. \"\"See, that\'s the point. I don\'t want it to just be ourCouncil. I want it to be something that becomes a traditionwith the school. Something that lasts beyond us. \"\"So you mean if any of us don\'t make it through theChange, founding this new kind of Dark Daughters will belike we\'ve lived on, \" Stevie Rae said, and I could see thatshe\'d captured the interest of the...




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