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Artemis Fowl #5 The Lost Colony

by Eion Colfer

Author: Eion Colfer

Science Fiction & Fantasy » Fantasy

Language: English

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Artemis Fowl and the Lost Colony is the fifth book in the Artemis Fowl Series by Irish writer EoinColfer.The Lost Colony became available in the US, and was released soon to other countries. It is followed by Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox.

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ISBN: 1423161610
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...voice was not the first sign of madness; it was her partner, Mulch Diggums, communicating from his mike to her earpiece. 'What?' she said, her voice carrying to her own microphone, a tiny flesh-coloured chip glued to her throat. I m looking at a poster of your famous face, and I'm thinking that you should have some cosmetic surgery if we want to stay in business. And I mean real business, not this bounty-hunting game. Bounty hunters are the lowest of the low.' Holly sighed. Her dwarf partner was right. Even criminals were considered more trustworthy than bounty hunters. 'A few implants and a reshaped nose and even your best friend wouldn't recognize you,' continued Mulch Diggums. 'It's not as if you're a beauty queen.' 'Forget it,' said Holly. She was fond of the face she had. It reminded her of her mother's. 'What about a skin spray? You could go green, disguise yourself as a sprite.' 'Mulch? Are you in position?' snapped Holly. 'Yep,' came the dwarf's reply. 'Any sign of the pixie?'...




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