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Artemis Fowl #3 The Eternity Code

by Eion Colfer

Author: Eion Colfer

Science Fiction & Fantasy » Fantasy

Language: English

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When Fowl meets Chicago businessman Jon Spiro to show him the Cube, Spiro ambushes Artemis and steals it. In the process, Butler, his bodyguard is killed by one of Spiro's staff. However, Artemis manages to revive him with the aid of cryogenics and fairy healing magic, courtesy of Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon squad. Unfortunately, the healing does not work entirely as planned.

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ISBN: 1423161610
9 of 10 Votes: 26

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...meeting this afternoon,' began Artemis. 'Go on.' 'I was meeting Jon Spiro, an American industrialist.' Holly heard keys being tapped in her ear. Undoubtedly Foaly was running a background check on this Spiro character. 'Jon Spiro,' said the centaur, almost immediately. 'A shady character, even by human standards. Mud Man security agencies have been trying to put this guy away for thirty years. His companies are eco-disasters. And that's only the tip of the iceberg: industrial espionage, abduction, blackmail, mob connections. You name it, he's gotten away with it.' 'That's the chap,' said Artemis. 'So, I set up a rendezvous with Mister Spiro.' 'What were you selling?' interrupted Foaly. 'A man like Spiro doesn't cross the Atlantic for tea and muffins.' Artemis frowned. 'I wasn't actually selling him anything. But I did offer to suppress some revolutionary technology, for a price, of course.' Foaly's voice was cold: 'What revolutionary technology?' Artemis...




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