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A legal puzzle

by Tremayne, W. A. [from old catalog]


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ISBN: 0446612855
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...n your clever legal way, and tell him the best thing he can do is to let Charlie marry me, and amalgamate the estates or whatever the proper term is, and then, then, we'll all be so happy. (Pauses out of breath.) Lester. Anything else? Hattie. No, I guess that's all, only next to Charlie I'll love you better than anyone in the world. (Flings her arms j$0 A £egal Pufcfcle. round his neck and kisses him, just as Mary ENTERS d.r.C. She sees them and pauses.) Mary. Jack ! Lester. Oh Lord! Mary. What does this mean, what are you Lester. The victim of circumstances. Mary. Do you call that a circumstance? (Pointing to Hattie.) Lester. Yes, — (Aside) And a d — d awkward one too. (To Hattie) Say, break away will you. Mary. Pray do not disturb yourself on my acco...


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