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A Tiger for Malgudi

by R.K. Narayan

Author: R.K. Narayan

Books » Adventure stories

Language: English

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A venerable tiger looks back over his life from cubhood and early days roaming wild in the jungle. Trapped into a miserable circus career he is then sold into films (co-starring with a Tarzan) until, finding the human world too brutish and bewildering, he makes a dramatic bid for freedom.

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ISBN: 0140185453
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...bothers me? Am I the officer drawing a fat salary?' This was addressed to the Captain, who was at the door, and he just said, soothingly, 'Of course, you are not,' and followed the villagers out. He followed them a little distance, and threw out a general question in order to attract their attention, 'Are you the headman of the village?' At which they turned round and stopped. 'How did you know us, sir?' He introduced himself. 'You see that circus there--that's mine and I often come to this office on business. Not bad fellows at this office but they delay. That poor fellow, he can't help it. Only his master has to do things 'Every time we come, we bring him some offering--cucumbers or sugar cane, pumpkin, melon, or anything. Never see him barehanded, and yet he is unhelpful.' Captain made himself agreeable by listening to them patiently. All that they seemed to want was a hearing. They did not know who he was, but his dress--trousers, bush shirt and the sun-hat -impressed them, and he...


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