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A Martian Odyssey

by Weinbaum Stanley Grauman

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A Martian Odyssey is one of the best science-fiction works written by Stanley Grauman Weinbaum and will be interested for Weinbaum's admirers and all connoisseurs of science fiction. The writer is worth reading because he was the first among other science fiction authors who depicted aliens and other forms of life in a realistic way. On the pages of his book you will not find monsters or other fantastic creatures. All his characters are thought over carefully, with great love and interest. The book is remarkable for its humor, logic and suspense.

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..."Only it wouldn't fly. Nothing serious, but I had my choice of waiting to be picked up ortrying to walk back--eight hundred miles, and perhaps twenty days beforewe had to leave! Forty miles a day! Well, " he concluded, "I chose towalk. Just as much chance of being picked up, and it kept me busy. ""We'd have found you, " said Harrison. "No doubt. Anyway, I rigged up a harness from some seat straps, and putthe water tank on my back, took a cartridge belt and revolver, and someiron rations, and started out. ""Water tank!" exclaimed the little biologist, Leroy. "She weighone-quarter ton!""Wasn't full. Weighed about two hundred and fifty pounds earth-weight, which is eighty-five here. Then, besides, my own personal two hundredand ten pounds is only seventy on Mars, so, tank and all, I grossed ahundred and fifty-five, or fifty-five pounds less than my everydayearth-weight. I figured on that when I undertook the forty-mile dailystroll. Oh--of course I took a thermo-skin sleeping bag for these...

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28 Oct 2010 12:00:29

A LOT better than I thought it would be, I would recommend

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